What is Premature Ejeculation? 

In the video, I’ll also talk about my thoughts on creation and sex. Premature ejeculation is a common surgical procedure that can be performed to treat this issue.

In order to ensure that the eggs are properly fertilized, most sexual intercourses are cut short once women reach the climax. This is because men were designed to have sex before women so that fertilization would be carried out.

Today, the desire to have sex is more important than the need for nourishment the eggs. With the handicap created by men’s sexual intercourses, sensitivities can become problematic. In certain societies, circumcision can be performed to improve penis sensitivities.

Early climax is considered a medical condition and can be treated through psychotherapy. In addition to this, certain procedures can be performed to improve the sexual experience. For instance, certain types of medications can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Before an operation can be performed, it’s important that the patient has been thoroughly mapped out. If you’re a candidate for this type of procedure, then it can be planned, as men with high success rates are usually the ones who undergo the procedure. If you have any questions about premature ejeculation please feel free to contact us.