Highest Auctioned Pink Diamonds

Their scarcity and dazzling excellence make common pink diamonds inconceivably fascinating. Profoundly important, their charm originates from their restricted stockpile just as riddle around their gemological data on how they are shaped. What we can be sure of is that they are out and out entrancing. Peruse on to find more on the entrancing pink diamond.

Coming from Australia:

It is statistically claimed that more than 90 percent of the world’s pink diamond sources are in Australia and the entire production is coming from Argyle mine in the western parts of Australia. But it is found from the historical data that India, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, and Russia were also the source of pink diamonds earlier. It is expected that the Argyle mine will remain open till 2020.

The amazing fact about this pink diamond is that if the production of rough diamonds is 1 million carats, then only 1 percent pink diamonds are with the salable state. And this is the reason why these are rare of the rarest. After the final cut and the polishing work done at the headquarters, it is been tendered exclusively. Only 40-50 carats (average of 1 carat) are being tendered and sold at the auction annually. Amongst the mined diamonds at Argyle, 80 percent found are brown diamonds.

As we know, the most renowned diamond producing country is South Africa, at its “Kimberlite Pipe”. In Western Australia, at Argyle mine, the pink diamonds are found at “Lamproite pipe” which was formed through volcanic deformation. Argyle diamonds are very much complicated in structure than the other white diamonds are available at the mines. As it needs three to four times more polishing than the white diamonds. This is another reason why these are so rare and precious.

Why pink diamonds are so precious?

Not with the auction statistics, it is proved that pink diamonds are rarest one gemstone which has an increasing value. It is the Leibish& Co., who has proved that the price of the natural pink diamonds will be the next-gen avenue for investing money, safely and securely. The other auction ceremony held on December 2009, in Hong Kong, a 5.00 carat fancy vivid, cushion-shaped pink diamond was sold at a record price of 10.8 million dollars.

The diamond market has ever seen the record price through the auctions of pink diamonds at its past. In November 2010, Christe’s Hong Kong Auction one 14.23 carat, the fancy intense pink diamond was set a record bid price of $14-$19 million, onwards the price was reached at $23 million which broke the records of every auction held in the globe.

The other one on 2010, November at Sotheby’s Geneva auction, one fancy intense pink Emerald-cut 24.78-carat pink diamond sold at a record-breaking price of 46.16 million dollars. The buyer was Lawrence Graff, latterly the gem was known as “The Graff’s Pink”. This was the unpolished one, later on, it went for further clarity and finishing where it lost nearly one carat and turned to 23.88 carats fancy vivid pink. Which is a flawless pink diamond ever seen before?